How I Solved the ROOTCON 6 Easter Egg Hunt


ROOTCON, an annual hacker conference and Information Security gathering in the Philippines, launched an Easter Egg hunt last night. The first to submit the codes got a 50% discount at the ROOTCON 6 event in Cebu Parklane International Hotel this coming Sept 7 (Fri) – Sept 8 (Sat), 2012.

It was 11PM, and I had nothing better to do. So I challenged myself to the hunt, which involved 5 Easter Eggs. And before I tell you how I solved all 5, here’s a DISCLAIMER: I have no hacking background, and I’m a complete noob when it comes to hacking. I don’t even know anybody in the scene, except for @not_1337, @Chaoz, and @semprix. But we all know I’m just dropping names. #KissAss

Egg #1 was pretty easy. It had something to do with source code. To crack the egg, I did a View Page Source in Firefox. Code: You.

Egg #2 was braille, but I didn’t know that at first, even with the “3 blind mice” clue. So, I just googled for “six dots”, and found… nothing. Then, it hit me to look up for braille. I found a guide, and came up with the code: HACK.

Egg #3 was probably the toughest of them all. I mean… Where does a clueless guy even start with this?

Is that even a programming language? To solve this one, I had to ask for a hint in StackOverflow (BEST tech Q&A site ever!). Armed with the UUDecode clue, I found an online service that gave me the code: therootcon.

Egg #4 was second easiest, cookies! Just use Cookies Manager+ in Firefox, and you’re all set. Code: 3a5t3r.

Egg #5 was second most difficult. How do you undress a picture (I cropped it. Sorry!) that seems to have come out from a Playboy photoshoot? Do you use Photoshop, and do naughty things with it?

Thinking it had something to do with stenography, I downloaded ImageHide and SilentEye. Unfortunately, neither of them worked. As a last resort, after doing fruitless Google and DuckDuckGo searches, I opened up my trusty Notepad++ and opened the image. Blimey! Not exactly the best way to solve it, but there it was, the last code: EGG.

So, the complete code is: You HACK therootcon 3a5t3r EGG. Well, that was fun, especially for a n00b! For @_rootcon_‘s official solutionclick here.

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