CoderDojo Cebu Needs Mentors for Dec 1


WHAT: CoderDojo Cebu v2
GOAL: Mentor / Advise on USC students’ projects
WHERE: University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus
WHEN: December 1 (Saturday), 2012. 2-5PM.

Unlike CoderDojo Cebu v1, which unfortunately has not been blogged about, v2 will not involve tech talks. Instead, Mentors (who could be you) will be advising around 12 teams on their projects, which are implemented either in: Android, C#, PHP, or something else.

If you join as Mentor, you will work with other Mentors to advise teams. You will go over their design, and see which areas can be improved. You can talk about their implementations (technology), or their functionalities. But you don’t have to be exhaustive; you don’t have all day.

If you join as Mentee (aka Student), you can ask anything (tips, questions, etc) from the Mentors. Heck, you can even ask for their numbers. Kidding. If you want to focus only on a specific area in your system, that’s also fine. Just come with an open mind. More importantly, don’t be shy to ask the Mentors. [Not to be racist, but this will be a USC-students-only event. So if you’re not on the list for v2, you can’t join. CoderDojo Cebu is working on similar events for other schools. So, watch out for it!]

While this event is meant to be serious, it is not “pressured”. For one, the students will not be graded. It’s just a venue for the “veterans” and the students to meet and talk in a casual environment, while learning from each other.

As amazing as CoderDojo Cebu v2 sounds, the group still needs more Mentors (YOU!). So if you’d like to volunteer, just go to their Google Groups, and post in the threads. If you don’t want to be a Mentor, but still want to help one way or another (or contribute to the discussions), just sign up all the same! Just tell them Geff Chang referred you, so you get approved. Unfortunately, there is no referral fee. DEADLINE to join Mentorship for Dec 1 (Sat) activity is Nov 27 (Tue)  10PM. SORRY for the really, really short notice!

And just in case you ask, CoderDojo Cebu also has a website, and a Twitter account @CoderDojoCebu.

Lastly, YES, there will be SNACKS.


Directory Opus Discount Code for Black Friday


Directory Opus discount code

Directory Opus, the BEST File Manager and Explorer Replacement for Windows, is offering a one-day discount code: BLACKFRIDAY12.

I bought a Directory Opus Pro Single license. From AUD69, it is now AUD34.50 (PHP 1,541.78). Directory Opus rarely offers discounts. So, grab this while you still can!

Here’s a screenshot of Directory Opus 9.5; current version is 10.x.

Directory Opus

Breaking Rules at Gawad Kalinga Cebu Run 2012


gawas kalinga cebu run 2012 medal

It’s amazing that I completed today’s fun run, despite the negativity I was generating. I broke 2 basic rules of running (AND I do not encourage it).

  1. I did not have enough sleep. For the past 3-4 days, I barely had a good night’s rest. Last night, I only had 5 hours of sleep. But still, I pushed myself to wake up when the alarm sounded at 3:15AM. I was still so tired and sleepy, and the Lipovitan did not really help. 15 minutes into the run, I was already breathing heavily. After an hour, I just wanted to drop the race, and go home and sleep. Fortunately, last night’s motivational “Never give up” success secret from an attendee at the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit slapped me in the face. If you are going to run long distance (21K, in my case), you need to have a good rest beforehand so you feel fresh, and ready to conquer the road.
  2. I tried out new gear. I bought a New Balance 890 v2 during the Ayala Center Cebu sale a week ago, but didn’t try them out for a long run yet. I wore them to work, and ran 1.5K with them TWICE without any pain… until today. During the half part of the race, my left toe started to hurt. It’s probably just a lacing issue, so I’m going to adjust that on my next run. In case you ask, the New Balance 890 v2 doesn’t feel heavy like the Adidas Supernova Glide 4. It’s responsive and comfortable enough, but it doesn’t provide the coolness (air) I get from an Adidas Climacool Ride. At 40% off, it was a good buy. Now, if you don’t want surprises during a race, never try out new things (food – you don’t want LBM, gear, etc.) without at least testing them during your practice runs, so you can adjust any discomfort (or get at least used to it).

Violations aside, I’m just glad I finished the Gawad Kalinga Cebu Run 2012 in 2 hours and 50 minutes. Overall, it was OK. They had good hydration intervals, and two of them were Powerade, though none of them were cold. One thing I didn’t like in the race was the lack of distance markers. My GPS died after 6K (I must have pressed a button on my phone), and I didn’t bother to track after that. So I just relied on time, and turning points. Now, turning points are scary markers, because sometimes they are not placed in the middle of the race. So when I saw that I was already 2 hours at the turning point, I thought I’d finish in 4 hours, which was understandable given how tired and sleepy I was. So, minus points to the race organizer for not providing distance markers.


Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu on Nov 24


Did you know that CUSTOMERS can make or break a company? Of course, you do! That’s BASICS.

Imagine if you went inside a restaurant, and you didn’t like their food. Worst, you didn’t like their customer service! Now, are you going to come back to a restaurant like that? The adventurous side of you might say “maybe”, but chances are you won’t.

If somebody mentioned the name of that place, you’d probably tell them about the food poisoining you had there (OK, I’m exaggerating), and dissuade them from going there. But the bottomline is, you’re either going to shut up, or say bad things about that restaurant.

OR if you’re feeling bored, like I am right now,  you could BLOG about it. This is where things get tricky because the Internet is such a BIG, BIG place where you could have hundreds, or thousands of readers. And those readers, could make or break that restaurant.

Can you now see how powerful an experience can be if you put it out on the Internet (with facts, I hope)? You put out good words, and you influence people to experience it for themselves. You put out bad words, and you create an “issue”, which you hope will get the right attention so it can be adressed. Hopefully.

NOW, this is the part where I introduce you to Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu, a one-day session where several speakers talk about influencing people through the Internet.

One of the topics includes Elections 2013, which is something I am interested in. US President Obama made use of Social Media to win in the recent elections. Did you know that his Facebook page had more Likes than Romney’s? Now, will using Social Media and advocates for the local elections have an impact? We’ll see.

WHAT: Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu
WHO: Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Advertisers, Influencers, Brand Advocates
WHEN: November 24 (Saturday), 2012 9:30AM – 5:30PM
WHERE: Conference Room A & B, SM City Cebu
COST: PHP 1,000 (Includes Conference Kit, Certificate. NO FOOD)
HASHTAG: #dim2012

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu is major-sponsored by Elance, a site where you can find freelance jobs. No, haven’t tried it yet.

What Happened at the Cebu StackOverflow Meetup


The first-ever Cebu StackOverflow Meetup was a SUCCESS, thanks to the co-Organizers [Daryl Yu, Anna Umacob, Melody Sy and her DevCon cohorts], the Speakers [all six of them!], and the Sponsors [StackOverflow, DevCon Philippines, Anonymous] who made it happen!

cebu stackoverflow meetup

We had 66 RSVPs at the Meetup site, although only 40 showed up, some of them not on the RSVP list. NOT BAD, considering I expected only 40-50 attendees. More stats: 27% of them were WOMEN!

cebu stackoverflow meetup attendees

The venue was spacious enough. In fact, I think it could hold up 10 – 20 more attendees. It was also large enough that a sound system was not necessary, although we brought one anyway. But enough about that. WHAT HAPPENED?, you ask?

Frankly, I’m not going to give a summary of what each speaker said. I’m feeling lazy for notes, and I want you to go through everything instead. We got them on VIDEO for those who couldn’t come, or left the venue early:

(1) Google AppEngine Has Gone StackOverflow, by Albert Padin.

(2) Why Copy-Paste is Bad for Your Code, by Carlos Tapang.

(3) Version Control and Continuous Integration, by Greg Montaño.

(4)  Git is AWESOME. Why are You Using it Like SVN?, by Daryl Yu.

(5) Code Review Using Gerrit, by Mark Buenconsejo.

(6) Design and You, byJeremie Lim.

More pictures from the event can be found at geffchang’s FB Album and DevCon’s FB Album.

stackoverflow freebies

In case you might be asking WHY we pushed to make this happen, despite being one month delayed from the worldwide StackOverflow Meetups, the answer is SIMPLE. We  StackOverflow. We want you to know what it is all about.

It is an OPEN community where you can ASK, and get a SENSIBLE ANSWER that just keeps getting better, because people make the effort to contribute! That is why we got these Speakers together to share their knowledge, and get everybody to interact somehow.

We’re certainly open to hosting another Cebu StackOverflow Meetup next year, but We’re also inviting YOU to initiate the next Meetup. FOR DEVs, BY DEVs.

Decode Van Heusen QR Code, and Get a FREE Wallet


It’s Father’s Day, and what a better way for Van Heusen (Ayala Center Cebu) to share the love by giving out FREE wallets. These 3-fold leather wallets could possibly be synthetic… But HEY, it’s FREE, and it’s Van Heusen! Now, that’s CLASSY.

van heusen wallet

All you have to do is to decode this QR code on the cashier’s table:

Not cool enough to have QR Code Scanner on your phone? If you’re on Android, download Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team, and scan the code above. You’ll get an awesome FREEBIE. Almost.

Van Heusen FREE Wallet QR Code

Of course, you need to be at the Van Heusen shop to claim your wallet. Last I checked, there were still 3 people (including me) who claimed the FREEBIE. This PROMO is good for TODAY only. So go, and claim yours NOW!

Van Heusen, Ayala Center Cebu

AND if you’re on a spending spree, you might also want to check out their polo shirts. Some of them have QR Codes too, like this one:

Van Heusen Polo Shirt

What will this get you? Why, a FREE Van Heusen undershirt. Cool.

Van Heusen FREE Undershirt QR Code

Van Heusen is probably one of the first few establishments to use QR Codes as part of their Marketing strategies. Now, let’s see which other shops will follow suit. On a side note, Van Heusen gets minus points from me for NOT USING Foursquare. *grin*

Smart Launches Philippines’ First Foursquare Badge


Are you a Foursquare fanatic in the Philippines? Then I’ve got Brilliant News for you, if (1) you are in Manila, and (2) adore Lady GagaSMART is bringing the FIRST-Ever Foursquare Badge in the country called the SMART #LiveMore Badge.

This badge can be UNLOCKED by checking in at Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way Ball at the Mall of Asia Arena on May 21 (Mon) and May 22 (Tue) 6PM – 2AM.

While this may NOT be a Country- or a City-specific badge tourist-wise, I hope this SMART #LiveMore Badge will pave the way for those opportunities in the future. With more businesses like Bo’s Coffee and SMART making use of Foursquare, it just might be possible for Philippines to earn its City badges!

This news was brought to you through @4sqPhilippines. FOLLOW them on Facebook and Twitter. For MORE INFO about Lady Gaga’s concert, read this. For SMART’s Foursquare badge and RAFFLE, read this.

While we’re on the topic of Foursquare, I have just recently been PROMOTED to Super User Level 2. If you are an SU in Cebu, please reach out me, so we can organize events! You can also follow @SUPhilippines to get in touch with other SUs in the country.