CoderDojo Cebu Needs Mentors for Dec 1

WHAT: CoderDojo Cebu v2
GOAL: Mentor / Advise on USC students’ projects
WHERE: University of San Carlos – Talamban Campus
WHEN: December 1 (Saturday), 2012. 2-5PM.

Unlike CoderDojo Cebu v1, which unfortunately has not been blogged about, v2 will not involve tech talks. Instead, Mentors (who could be you) will be advising around 12 teams on their projects, which are implemented either in: Android, C#, PHP, or something else.

If you join as Mentor, you will work with other Mentors to advise teams. You will go over their design, and see which areas can be improved. You can talk about their implementations (technology), or their functionalities. But you don’t have to be exhaustive; you don’t have all day.

If you join as Mentee (aka Student), you can ask anything (tips, questions, etc) from the Mentors. Heck, you can even ask for their numbers. Kidding. If you want to focus only on a specific area in your system, that’s also fine. Just come with an open mind. More importantly, don’t be shy to ask the Mentors. [Not to be racist, but this will be a USC-students-only event. So if you’re not on the list for v2, you can’t join. CoderDojo Cebu is working on similar events for other schools. So, watch out for it!]

While this event is meant to be serious, it is not “pressured”. For one, the students will not be graded. It’s just a venue for the “veterans” and the students to meet and talk in a casual environment, while learning from each other.

As amazing as CoderDojo Cebu v2 sounds, the group still needs more Mentors (YOU!). So if you’d like to volunteer, just go to their Google Groups, and post in the threads. If you don’t want to be a Mentor, but still want to help one way or another (or contribute to the discussions), just sign up all the same! Just tell them Geff Chang referred you, so you get approved. Unfortunately, there is no referral fee. DEADLINE to join Mentorship for Dec 1 (Sat) activity is Nov 27 (Tue)  10PM. SORRY for the really, really short notice!

And just in case you ask, CoderDojo Cebu also has a website, and a Twitter account @CoderDojoCebu.

Lastly, YES, there will be SNACKS.


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