Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu on Nov 24

Did you know that CUSTOMERS can make or break a company? Of course, you do! That’s BASICS.

Imagine if you went inside a restaurant, and you didn’t like their food. Worst, you didn’t like their customer service! Now, are you going to come back to a restaurant like that? The adventurous side of you might say “maybe”, but chances are you won’t.

If somebody mentioned the name of that place, you’d probably tell them about the food poisoining you had there (OK, I’m exaggerating), and dissuade them from going there. But the bottomline is, you’re either going to shut up, or say bad things about that restaurant.

OR if you’re feeling bored, like I am right now,  you could BLOG about it. This is where things get tricky because the Internet is such a BIG, BIG place where you could have hundreds, or thousands of readers. And those readers, could make or break that restaurant.

Can you now see how powerful an experience can be if you put it out on the Internet (with facts, I hope)? You put out good words, and you influence people to experience it for themselves. You put out bad words, and you create an “issue”, which you hope will get the right attention so it can be adressed. Hopefully.

NOW, this is the part where I introduce you to Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu, a one-day session where several speakers talk about influencing people through the Internet.

One of the topics includes Elections 2013, which is something I am interested in. US President Obama made use of Social Media to win in the recent elections. Did you know that his Facebook page had more Likes than Romney’s? Now, will using Social Media and advocates for the local elections have an impact? We’ll see.

WHAT: Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu
WHO: Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Advertisers, Influencers, Brand Advocates
WHEN: November 24 (Saturday), 2012 9:30AM – 5:30PM
WHERE: Conference Room A & B, SM City Cebu
COST: PHP 1,000 (Includes Conference Kit, Certificate. NO FOOD)
HASHTAG: #dim2012

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu is major-sponsored by Elance, a site where you can find freelance jobs. No, haven’t tried it yet.


One Response to Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Cebu on Nov 24

  1. […] last night’s motivational “Never give up” success secret from an attendee at the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit slapped me in the face. If you are going to run long distance (21K, in my case), you need to have a […]

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