Cebu Unlocks its First SWARM Badge

Cebu made history on Foursquare last April 16, 2012. On that day, Cebu joined the world in celebrating the 3rd Foursquare Day. From 7:45PM-10:00PM, at least 50 people (WOW!) checked-in at Bo’s Coffee in The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu to unlock its first-ever SWARM badge.

To support the event, Bo’s Coffee offered FREE DRINK UPSIZE to those who checked-in at their venue. In another corner, Foursquare freebies were given away to Foursquare fans. Simple, but FUN!

In other parts of the country, Davao celebrated Foursquare Day with food and games! Meanwhile, in Manila, @4sqPhilippines organized a post-Foursquare Day event at Fitness First with cupcakes and group exercise.

So, what’s next, now that Cebu has had its SWARM badge? Well, I challenge these organizers to level up! Can Cebu unlock a SUPER SWARM badge, with 250 check-ins? We’ll see.

NOTE: If you’re a business in Cebu, and would like a #4sqCling sticker for your glass door or window, post below. Click here for pics of the sticker.

[Update][2012-05-12] Read Bo’s Coffee’s blog post here: Click me.


3 Responses to Cebu Unlocks its First SWARM Badge

  1. […] Last year, we celebrated Foursquare Day with Bo’s Coffee. This year, we celebrate with Greenwich! […]

  2. Sky says:

    Hello, I’m from the Philippines and I’ve always been fascinated to learn sign languaage. I actually met a deaf friend from the US and it is really fun talking through sign language. However i feel ashame to myself learning other sign language that is not my own so, I really to find some Filipino deaf/hearing partner to help me learn and practice FSL. I am very much willing through Skype or IMO. I am almost free all the time. Thank you.

    • gchang says:

      You don’t have to be ashamed, because FSL is based on ASL. Unfortunately, I haven’t signed in a long while, so I can’t sign with you. However, you might want to check on Facebook if there are any Filipino Deaf groups. 🙂

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