FREE Filipino Sign Language Class from GSVP


I have always been interested in Sign Language, especially since I am hard of hearing. At first I thought I’d learn American Sign Language (ASL); because if you look around, all the books you’ll find are on ASL. So, I thought that’s what the Deaf here in the Philippines also use.

I was wrong.

Last year, December 2011, I passed by a registration booth at the Ayala ActiveZone that offered FREE Filipino Sign Language (FSL) classes. I asked the person-in-charge if they taught ASL. He told me to write down my questions; he was Deaf. Turns out the Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme (GSVP) only taught FSL, but I signed up anyway.

The first session started around the last week of January 2012, and took 8-9 Saturday sessions. The teacher is Deaf, but a Hearing volunteer (and Program Director) facilitated and interpreted.

Learning FSL is going frustrating at first, especially when you only know a few words (or signs) to start with. It will to be diffult to express your thoughts, or to say what you really want to say. I want you to remember that frustration when the Deaf enter the world of the Hearing. Can you  feel what they go through everyday?

But as you go along, you’ll realize that FSL is fun, and that the Deaf are amazing people to be with! They’re very expressive (just look at their faces when they’re signing!), and generally happy.

Here I am with fellow FSL classmates who finished Basic FSL last March 2012! We’re looking forward to Level 2!

So, if you’re interested in learning FSL, the Gualandi Volunteer Service Programme Inc. (GVSP) is holding another FREE Basic Filipino Sign Language (FSL) class. This is in cooperation with the Cebu Association of the Deaf (CAD), and the Gualandi Mission for the Deaf.

Fr. Joseph Gualandi Social Center
5 Emerald St., Saint Michael’s Village
Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines

Mon-Fri classes: May 3 – Jun 3, 2012
Sat classes: starts May 5, 2012
Sun classes: starts May 6, 2012

2:00PM – 4:00PM

1pc 2×2 ID picture
Photocopy of 2 valid IDs

Contact: Program Office
Telefax: (032) 416-7381
Mobile: (Sun) 0932 202-7333

Learn FSL, and Make a DEAFFERENCE!


Cebu Unlocks its First SWARM Badge


Cebu made history on Foursquare last April 16, 2012. On that day, Cebu joined the world in celebrating the 3rd Foursquare Day. From 7:45PM-10:00PM, at least 50 people (WOW!) checked-in at Bo’s Coffee in The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu to unlock its first-ever SWARM badge.

To support the event, Bo’s Coffee offered FREE DRINK UPSIZE to those who checked-in at their venue. In another corner, Foursquare freebies were given away to Foursquare fans. Simple, but FUN!

In other parts of the country, Davao celebrated Foursquare Day with food and games! Meanwhile, in Manila, @4sqPhilippines organized a post-Foursquare Day event at Fitness First with cupcakes and group exercise.

So, what’s next, now that Cebu has had its SWARM badge? Well, I challenge these organizers to level up! Can Cebu unlock a SUPER SWARM badge, with 250 check-ins? We’ll see.

NOTE: If you’re a business in Cebu, and would like a #4sqCling sticker for your glass door or window, post below. Click here for pics of the sticker.

[Update][2012-05-12] Read Bo’s Coffee’s blog post here: Click me.

Bo’s Coffee (Terraces) FREE DRINK UPSIZE on 4sqDay


It’s official! Bo’s Coffee (Terraces) in Ayala Center Cebu will join the world in celebrating Foursquare Day on April 16 (Mon). If you check-in their Foursquare venue from 7:45 – 10:00PM, any drink you order is automatically UPSIZED for FREE! Just show your checked-in phone to the barista. Take note: ONE checked-in user, ONE upsize.

Plus, you also get to pick any ONE of these official Foursquare FREEBIES: (1) a Foursquare badge pin, (2) a Foursquare logo sticker, or (3) a Foursquare tip sticker. No purchase necessary. Just show up, check-in at Bo’s Coffee (Terraces), and look for the guy handing them out in the area. That’s me, obviously.

If you’re a business owner, you can also ask for a Foursquare cling sticker. Stick them on your shop’s glass door or window, and tell your customers to check-in! #awesome

AND because it’s Foursquare Day, we’ll be attempting to unlock the first-ever SWARM badge in Cebu. On April 16 (Mon), from 7:45 – 10:00PM, stay checked-in at Bo’s Coffee (Terraces). When we hit 50 checked-in users, we’ll start unlocking that elusive SWARM badge. So, come be a part of history. Check-in with us in Foursquare! RSVP here.

Foursquare Day 2012 FREEBIES. The Best of Cebu City 2012.

Bo’s Coffee website. Bo’s Coffee facebook. Bo’s Coffee twitter.

How I Solved the ROOTCON 6 Easter Egg Hunt


ROOTCON, an annual hacker conference and Information Security gathering in the Philippines, launched an Easter Egg hunt last night. The first to submit the codes got a 50% discount at the ROOTCON 6 event in Cebu Parklane International Hotel this coming Sept 7 (Fri) – Sept 8 (Sat), 2012.

It was 11PM, and I had nothing better to do. So I challenged myself to the hunt, which involved 5 Easter Eggs. And before I tell you how I solved all 5, here’s a DISCLAIMER: I have no hacking background, and I’m a complete noob when it comes to hacking. I don’t even know anybody in the scene, except for @not_1337, @Chaoz, and @semprix. But we all know I’m just dropping names. #KissAss

Egg #1 was pretty easy. It had something to do with source code. To crack the egg, I did a View Page Source in Firefox. Code: You.

Egg #2 was braille, but I didn’t know that at first, even with the “3 blind mice” clue. So, I just googled for “six dots”, and found… nothing. Then, it hit me to look up for braille. I found a guide, and came up with the code: HACK.

Egg #3 was probably the toughest of them all. I mean… Where does a clueless guy even start with this?

Is that even a programming language? To solve this one, I had to ask for a hint in StackOverflow (BEST tech Q&A site ever!). Armed with the UUDecode clue, I found an online service that gave me the code: therootcon.

Egg #4 was second easiest, cookies! Just use Cookies Manager+ in Firefox, and you’re all set. Code: 3a5t3r.

Egg #5 was second most difficult. How do you undress a picture (I cropped it. Sorry!) that seems to have come out from a Playboy photoshoot? Do you use Photoshop, and do naughty things with it?

Thinking it had something to do with stenography, I downloaded ImageHide and SilentEye. Unfortunately, neither of them worked. As a last resort, after doing fruitless Google and DuckDuckGo searches, I opened up my trusty Notepad++ and opened the image. Blimey! Not exactly the best way to solve it, but there it was, the last code: EGG.

So, the complete code is: You HACK therootcon 3a5t3r EGG. Well, that was fun, especially for a n00b! For @_rootcon_‘s official solutionclick here.

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RUNNR Academy Cebu Day 2 Resumes on April 11


RUNNR will resume its Day 2 session of the RUNNR Academy in Ayala ActiveZone on April 11 (Wed). RUNNR Academy is a FREE 5-day running clinic conducted by RUNNR every Wednesday at 7PM.

The first session started last March 28 (Wed), and was opened by Raffy Osumo, RUNNR’s running consultant. It was followed by a motivational talk by ultramarathoner Haidee  Acuña, who shared her reasons for loving the sport.

A 2-hour session (more or less) consists of two parts: (1) lecture, and a (2) 5K paced group run.

The remaining topics to be covered are:

  • Mar 28 (Wed) Orientation, Opening
  • Apr 11 (Wed) Natural Running Form
  • Apr 18 (Wed) Resistance Training for Runners
  • Apr 25 (Wed) Common Running Injuries
  • May 2 (Wed) Nutrition & Hydration or Kinesio Taping

This is the incorrect route I ran on the first day (an extra KM!):

So again, the sessions are FREE (Man, I love that word!). Also, those who finish all 5 sessions will get a chance to win Newton shoes which they will raffle off. I think there will also be a FREE shirt or singlet at the end, but I’m not sure. But even if you miss the chance to win the shoes, all the tips you learn from this clinic will be a great help in your running journey.

Cebu City Foursquare Day 2012 Meetup Swag


Hey, Cebu City! Are you excited to unlock the Foursquare Day 2012 badge on April 16 (Mon)?

No? Well, I guess I’ll have to keep all these Foursquare freebies for myself. Yep, you read that right! FREEBIES. Man, I just love that word. I’ve got cute button pins, and foursquare stickers just for you people of Cebu! These are exactly the same stuff you see in the Foursquare Store, all sent by Foursquare themselves!

So, come join us at the Foursquare Day Meetup in Bo’s Coffee in Ayala Center Cebu from 7:45PM – 10:00PM. RSVP here. If at least 50 of us check-in at Bo’s Coffee, we just might unlock the first-ever Swarm badge in Cebu City (after 2 failed attempts last momth).

Please note that I am not related nor connected to Foursquare in any way.