Cebu City Nearly Wins in Foursquare Badge Contest

Foursquare, a social networking site for location check-ins, announced a global city badge contest last March 7 (Wed). Three days before the deadline on March 23 (Fri), I came up with an initial list for Cebu City, Philippines.

The Best of Cebu City 2012 ended up with 49 venues, most of them from existing lists, and from recommendations. It contained a combination of iconic Cebu City venues, malls, restaurants, and several others.

The biggest challenge was in getting folks to follow the list. For the most of the time, I resorted to spamming local check-ins in Foursquare. I also posted tips in the recommended venues, and made use of other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Yammer. I also posted to forums like and CebuTechForum. To date, this effort has earned The Best of Cebu City 2012 54 followers.

Today, March 29 (Thu), Foursquare announced the list of winners. Unfortunately, Cebu did not win. But, we did get a special mention:

With that, I’d like to thank all the people who were involved in the creation of the list, to those who followed and shared the list, and to those who retweeted my posts! THANK YOU, ALL! This activity, especially the spamming, was not something I was comfortable with, but it was a challenging and interesting experience nevertheless.

BUT, this does not stop here. We are going to improve on this list, and make sure Cebu City wins in future contests. This coming April 16 (Mon), join me and fellow Foursquare users as we celebrate Foursquare Day! in  Bo’s Coffee at Ayala Center CebuRSVP here, and be one of the few to get official Foursquare freebies (while it lasts) from Foursquare themselves!


2 Responses to Cebu City Nearly Wins in Foursquare Badge Contest

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  2. […] City nearly won the Foursquare Badge Contest last year. So, I think it’s about time Foursquare give us a badge. While you’re busy […]

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